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Most infusions take from 30 minutes up to an hour, depending on the medication or volume of fluid to be given. Patients having an iron infusion or antibiotics will be required to remain for a short period of observation following their dose to monitor for the unlikely possibility of a reaction.

What Happens

Infusion therapy involves the administration of a medication through a needle or cannula. The cannula is usually inserted into a vein in your hand or arm and is then connected to a sterile bag that contains the fluid or medication to be infused.

During your infusion our staff will measure and record your vital signs, such as blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen saturation.

What to bring

It is recommended that you wear comfortable loose-fitting clothes. Your sleeve will need to be pushed well above the elbow. This will allow our staff to more easily insert the cannula and to monitor your vital signs. As some intravenous fluids may make you feel cool, it is also suggested that you bring a jacket or cover to keep warm.



A referral and a standard prescription from a General Practitioner or a Specialist is required to have an infusion or a venesection.

Your doctor will have access to either a paper referral form or can locate one on our website.

Procedure Preparation

It is important that you are well hydrated prior to your procedure. If you are able, please drink water before your treatment. If you suffer from a heart or kidney condition, please discuss the appropriate amount of hydration with your doctor.


Payment is required on the day of treatment.


Medications can be obtained through your local pharmacy.

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